About Us

Bay Area Malayalee Association (BAMA) is a non-profit, non-religious cultural association formed to bring together the Malayalee (people from the state of Kerala, India) residents of San Francisco bay area and those interested in Kerala art and culture in the region into a common association so that they can make significant contribution to improve communities through a variety of programs. Throughout the year, we:

  • Organize fundraising events, training in language, music, dance and other arts and activities that is unique to the heritage of Kerala. The funds raised by such activities would be used to improve communities in San Francisco bay and around the globe through a variety of charitable programs, such as food drive, cloth donation, etc.
  • Organize events to preserve and promote the culture, heritage, and family values of Kerala among Malayalee and the younger generation
  • Celebrate major festivals of Kerala in a group setting open to all communities